Cripple Bastards - The Outside World • Complete Singles Collection 1992-2012

  • Singer: Cripple Bastards
  • Title: The Outside World • Complete Singles Collection 1992-2012
  • Genre: Rock
  • Label: F.O.A.D. Records ‎– F.O.A.D. 100
    Type: 5 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Special Edition, Die Hard Edition 2 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Special Edition Vinyl, 5", EP, Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl • Split
    Country: Italy
    Date of released: Dec 2017
    Category: Rock
    Style: Grindcore, Punk, Hardcore
  • Size RAR MP3: 1614 mb
  • Size RAR FLAC: 1337 mb
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 308
Cripple Bastards - The Outside World • Complete Singles Collection 1992-2012

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LP 1
Split 7” with Violent Headache
A1 Useful/Useless
A2 Conceptual Indistinction
A3 Zaključenje
A4 Look In Your Dish
A5 Toxic Sex
A6 Without A Shadow Of Justice
A7 Shame Of You
A8 Ecological Carnage
A9 Flagged Pain
A10 Fucked... Original Expressions
A11 Standing Violent
A12 Civilized Torment
A13 Resumption!
A14 Thick-glasses Division
A15 HC Funeral
A16 Incurableness Of A Stigmatization
A17 Sick Of Pleasure
A18 I.H.P.
A19 Far From My Best Friends
A20 Self-instruction
A21 Against The Stream
A22 Stealthy Loneliness
A23 Rending Aphthous Fevers
A24 What Can Be ...
A25 Animal-respect
A26 Outside World
A27 Stylized Fear
A28 A Form Of Repulsion Called “Intelligence”
A29 My Last Hours
A30 Windows
A31 Mortuary Slab
A32 Irenic
A33 Rigid Freedom
A34 Sincere Smiles
A35 Act Like A Rose
A36 Psychosexuality
A37 Breathing For Fun
A38 Something Wrong
A39 Equality?
A40 Alternative-dressed Puppets
A41 Turn The Corner
A42 Sarcastic Gloom
A43 Allegorical Masturbations
A44 I Dare You
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
A45 Intro/Guilty Ignorance
A46 Illusion In Concrete
A47 Tiredness’ Hemicranization
A48 Call Me Cunt-addicted
A49 Bureaucratic Changes
A50 Pinched Heart
A51 Postponed Singleness
A52 Plasticized Embryo
A53 Once It Was Natural
A54 The Outside World Pt.2
A55 V.L.O.R.A. (In The Name Of My Disgust)
A56 Fucked Reason
A57 Marxist Pigs (Old Version)
A58 Upright Competition
Split 7” With W.B.I.
A59 Paranoiac
A60 Without A Shadow Of Justice
A61 Round Table
A62 T.L.O.H.
A63 War Spoils
A64 Bane
A65 Frightened, Neglected
A66 What I Thought
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
A67 S.L.U.T.S.
A68 Radije Volim
A69 Far From My Best Friends
A70 More Frustrations
A71 Vital Dreams
A72 Prisons
A73 Control
Written-By – Napalm Death
“Life’s Built On Thoughts” 7”
B1 S.L.U.T.S.
B2 Living Monuments
B3 Radije Volim...
B4 Offensive Death
B5 0:01
B6 Bonds Of Enmity
B7 Miniaturized Eden
B8 Prisons
B9 The Opinion Of The Poor
B10 Stimmung
B11 Imposed Mortification
B12 Vital Dreams
B13 More Frustrations
B14 Falling Wish
B15 My Serenity
B16 Dealing With A Pressing Problem
Split 7” With Patareni
B17 Life In General
B18 Disagreeable Selections
B19 21st Century Schizoid Man
B20 Hydrophobic Web
B21 Mass Media
Written-By – Indigesti
B22 Grimcorpses
Patareni Covers Recorded At Michele’s Studio
B23 Debilana
B24 Paštete
B25 Poštar
B26 Najduža Stvar
B27 Ich Gehe Zur Schule
LP 2
Split 7” With Psychotic Noise
C1 Intelligence Means...
C2 Devozioni?
C3 The Outside World
C4 September, 18th 1993
C5 Ratings
C6 Bonds Of Enmity
C7 Padroni
C8 Without A Shadow Of Justice
C9 Nothing On Earth
Split 7” With Senseless Apocalypse
C10 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
C11 My Mind Invades
C12 Blue Penguins
C13 Italia Di Merda
C14 Self-justice Punx
C15 Peasants
C16 1974
C17 Something Wrong
C18 Walk Away
C19 Ragman
Extra Session At Michele’s Studio
C20 Prospettive Limitate
C21 Sexual Hysteria
C22 Danas Je Dan Za Lijenčine
C23 September 18th 1993
C24 Milicija Die!
C25 Prejudices & Walls
Song From “Use your voice vol. 1” Compilation
C26 Nazi Dad
Song From “Mit Mir Ist Nicht Zu Rechnen” Comp. 7”
C27 We Can Work It Out
Split 7” With Social Genocide
D1 T.L.O.H.
D2 Isto É Olho Seco
Written-By – Olho Seco
D3 Irenic
D4 Radije Volim…
D5 Asti Punx
D6 Huutoja
Written-By – Varaus
Patareni Covers From “Obrade” Comp. LP/CD
D7 Debilana
D8 Paštete
D9 Poštar
D10 Najduža Stvar
D11 Ich Gehe Zur Schule
Agathocles Cover For “Kill Your Idols” Comp. CD
D12 Trust? Not me
Written-By – Agathocles
“Frammenti Di Vita” 7”
D13 Spero Venga La Guerra
Written-By – Wretched
D14 Incubo Di Morte
Written-By – Negazione
D15 Troia
Written-By – Nabat
D16 Sporca Naia
Written-By – Underage
D17 Mass Media
Written-By – Indigesti
D18 Vaffanculo
Written-By – Blue Vomit
D19 La Vostra Violenza
Written-By – Impact
LP 3
Split 7” With Carcass Grinder
E1 Milicija Die!!
E2 Prospettive Limitate
E3 Prejudices & Walls
E4 Watching Through My Chaos
E5 Danas Je Dan Za Lijenčine
E6 More Restrictions. Why?
Split 7” With Präparation-H
E7 Sexist Society... Must Destroy It!
E8 Miniaturized Eden
E9 Cormorant
E10 Disagreeable Selections
E11 Incorporated Grave
E12 Useful/Useless
E13 Ragman
E14 Without A Shadow Of Justice
E15 Round Table
E16 Hydrophobic Web
Split 7” With P.E.L.M.E.
E17 Odium Prevails
E18 Sexual Hysteria
E19 Jurisdictions
E20 Incurableness Of A Junkiefied Nation
E21 Dawn Of Ecology
E22 Ring The Curtain Down
Hüsker Dü Covers For “Land Speed Sonic” Comp. CD
E23 Punch Drunk
E24 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
5 Studio Tracks With GTB On Drums, 1997
F1 No Way
F2 Il Tuo Amico Morto
F3 Strejt Edž
Written-By – Tri Debela Praseta
F4 Standing Strong
F5 Haunting My Worst Sleeps
“Massacrecore” Live 7”
F6 Prospettive Limitate
F7 Sexist Society... Must Destroy It!
F8 Mass Media
Written-By – Indigesti
F9 Polizia, Una Razza Da Estinguere
F10 1974
F11 Authority?
F12 Asti Punx
F13 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
F14 September, 18th 1993
F15 Spero Venga La Guerra
Written-By – Wretched
F16 Italia Di Merda
F17 Vital Dreams
Extra Live Tracks From Split 10” With Patareni
F18 Bane
F19 Polizia, Una Razza Da Estinguere
F20 My Mind Invades
F21 Prospettive Limitate
LP 4
Split 7” With I.R.F.
G1 I Hate Her
G2 Get Out And Bite Them
G3 Mondo Plastico
G4 Fuck Politics, Let’s Riot!
Written-By – The Scroungers
G5 Always Unsatisfied
G6 Jesus And His Crabs
Split 7” With World
G7 Pete The Ripper
G8 Negativity
G9 I Wonder Who The Real Cannibals Are
G10 I Dare You
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
G11 Ring The Curtain Down
G12 Guerra E Pecador
Written-By – Brigada Do Ódio
Split 7” With Denak (Unreleased)
G13 Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains
G14 Il Sentimento Non É Amore
G15 Insuppressible Revenge
G16 Sbocco Nichilista
Split 7” With Corrupted
H1 Too Late
H2 Electrodes Dictating
H3 Gnadentod Of The Healthy
H4 La Repulsione Negli Occhi
“Il Grande Silenzio” 7”
H5 Morte Da Tossico
H6 Il Grande Silenzio
H7 Quasi Donna... Femminista
H8 Misantropo A Senso Unico
H9 Conclusione
Split 7” With Comrades
H10 Schiavo Del Sistema
Written-By – Wretched
H11 Promesse
Written-By – Wretched
H12 Fino In Fondo
Written-By – Wretched
H13 Se Ne Fregano
Written-By – Wretched
H14 Il Loro Stato
Written-By – Wretched
H15 Usa La Tua Rabbia
Written-By – Wretched
LP 5
Unreleased Studio Tracks 2003
I1 Falling Like Black Snow
I2 One Pays For All
I3 Mechanical Regularity
Split 6” With Looking For An Answer
I4 Hazardous Waste
Written-By – Negative FX
I5 Crimes
Written-By – Impulse Manslaughter
Split 7” With Regurgitate
I6 Inside Out
I7 X-Factors Of Infidelity
I8 When Immunities Fall
I9 The Mushroom Diarrhoea
I10 Rak Ne Prestaje
Demo For Split 7” With Regurgitate
I11 Bomb Your Local Squat
I12 Respect Or Death
I13 When Immunities Fall
I14 Me And Her In A Microcosm Of Torture
I15 The Mushroom Diarrhoea
I16 X-Factors Of Infidelity
I17 Idiots Think Slower
“Senza impronte” 7”
J1 Regime Artificiale
J2 Agony Of A Reformed Band
J3 Senza Impronte
J4 Mondo Plastico
J5 Soggetto Leucemico
J6 Fattore Discriminante
J7 L’uomo Interruttore
J8 Simboli Di Un Contesto Stilizzato
J9 Passi Falsi
J10 Districato
J11 Psicosi Regressiva
J12 Traccia Annullata
J13 Disinteresse Generale
J14 Prove Di Linciaggio
J15 Educazione Lager
Split 7” With Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
J16 Karma Del Riscatto
J17 Implacabile verso Il Suo Buio
J18 L’uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco
J19 Sottoposti Al Taglio
Extra Track For “Slimewave” Comp. CD
J20 Sangue Chiama
Split 7” with Eyehategod
J21 Self-zeroing
CD 1
Discarded Demo 1992
1.1 Irenic / Stagnation Of The A.N. Protest / Falling Wish / Circle Of Lights / Resumption / Asti Punx / H.O.P.E / Maecenas / Blue Penguins / Offensive Death / Rending Aphtous Fevers / Authority? / Peasants / Shame Of You / Pinched Heart / Bore ‘91 / Without A Shadow Of Justice / Stagnation II / Falling Wish / Circle Of Lights / Resumption / Asti Punx / Postponed Singleness / Blue Penguins / Plasticized Embryo / Offensive Death
2 Songs With Drum Machine
1.2 Miniaturized Eden
1.3 More Restrictions. Why?
Outtakes From “Life’s Built On Thoughts” Session
1.4 Radije Volim
1.5 Prisons
1.6 Imposed Mortification
1.7 T.L.O.H. (Cut)
1.8 Living Monuments
1.9 Vital Dreams
1.10 Stimmung (Cut)
1.11 Falling Wish
Split 10” With Capitalist Casualties
Live at El Paso, Torino 3/12/1994
1.12 Intro
1.13 Italia Di Merda
1.14 September 18th, 1993
1.15 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
1.16 Ragman
1.17 Spero Venga La Guerra
Written-By – Wretched
1.18 Asti Punx
1.19 Devozioni?
1.20 Huutoja
Written-By – Varaus
1.21 Paranoiac
1.22 Padroni
1.23 Stimmung
1.24 Nothing On Earth
1.25 Mass Media
Written-By – Indigesti
1.26 Authority?
Song From “Not Without A Fight” Comp. CD
1.27 Outo Maa
Written-By – Terveet Kädet
GTB With Impact (From Split 10” with Patareni)
1.28 La Vostra Violenza
Performer – Impact
3 Unreleased Songs With 2 Piece Line-up In 1996
1.29 Pain Expectancy
1.30 Once Again It’s Fear
1.31 Forced Development
Outtakes From Demo 2000
1.32 Inside Out
1.33 Hazardous Waste
CD 2
“Variante Alla Morte” Demo Recordings
2.1 Faccia Da Contenitore
2.2 Variante Alla Morte
2.3 Pedinati
2.4 Allergie Da Contatto
2.5 Insofferenza
2.6 Lo Sfregio E Le Sue Ombre
2.7 Inverno Nel Ghetto
2.8 Spirito Di Ritorsione
2.9 L’uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco
2.10 Sorriso Decubitale
2.11 Stimolo Chimico
2.12 Cedimento Strutturale
2.13 Sangue Chiama
2.14 Implacabile Verso Il Suo Buio
2.15 Stupro E Addio
2.16 Confessionale In Bianco E Nero
2.17 Marchio Catastale
2.18 Gli Anni Che Non Ritornano (Instrumental)
2.19 Karma Del Riscatto
2.20 Regredito A Che Punto
2.21 Falsificato Ideale
2.22 Sottoposti Al Taglio
2.23 Conquista Dell’isolamento
2.24 Auto-azzeramento
Live aAt Obscene Extreme 2006, Trutnov, Czech Republic
2.25 Being Ripped Off
2.26 L’uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco
2.27 Prospettive Limitate
2.28 Odio A Prima Vista
2.29 When Immunities Fall
2.30 Get Out And Bite Them
2.31 Karma Del Riscatto
2.32 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
2.33 Respect Or Death
2.34 Misantropo A Senso Unico
2.35 Self-zeroing
2.36 I Hate Her
2.37 A Dispetto Della Discrezione
2.38 Bomb Your Local Squat
2.39 Italia Di Merda
2.40 Radije Volim...
2.41 I Wonder Who The Real Cannibals Are
2.42 Il Tuo Amico Morto
2.43 Stimmung
2.44 Morte Da Tossico
Extra Split 5" With Yacøpsæ
K1 Ogni Cosa Pianse Dopo
K2 Illuminato Ma Vuoto
K3 Agente Carcinogeno
K4 Le Sponde Di Un Incubo
L1 Genozid
Performer – Yacøpsæ

Companies, etc.

  • Edited At – Toxic Basement Studio
  • Mastered At – Toxic Basement Studio


  • Bass – Alberto The Crippler (tracks: E17 to E21), Eduardo O Brazil* (tracks: E7 to E16, F6 to F21), Gigi Pacino (tracks: E22), Gigi Pacino (tracks: G1 to G12), Michele Hoffman (tracks: D1 to E16, 1.1, ), Nik SStnz* (tracks: H10 to H15), Schintu The Wretched (tracks: G13 to H9, I1 to J21, 1.32, 1.33, 2.1 to 2.44)
  • Design, Layout – View From The Coffin
  • Drums – Al Mazzotti (tracks: I1 to J21, 1.32, 1.33, 2.1 to 2.44), XTN* (tracks: 1.12 to 1.27), Giulio The Bastard (tracks: F1 to F5), Michele Hoffman (tracks: A1 to E6), Paolo Arturo (tracks: E17 to E24, F6 to F21, 1.28), Walter Dr. Tomas (tracks: E22), Walter Dr. Tomas (tracks: G1 to H9)
  • Guitar – Alberto The Crippler (tracks: A1 to E24, F1 to F21, G1 to H9, 1.1 to 1.31), Der Kommissar (tracks: H10 to H15, I1 to J21, 2.1 to 2.44), Fulvio Hatebox (tracks: I6 to I17, 1.32, 1.33)
  • Mastered By – The Hand Of Doom
  • Vocals – Giulio The Bastard (tracks: A1 to J21, 1.1 to 2.44, K1 to K4)
  • Written-By – Patareni (tracks: B23 to B27, D7 to D11)


Die-hard edition on five splatter LP's and two CD's. Bonus items are limited 5" split single, "Almost human" poster and CB tote bag. Limited to 150 copies.

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F.O.A.D. 100 Cripple Bastards The Outside World • Complete Singles Collection 1992-2012 ‎(5x12" + 2xCD + Box, Comp, Ltd, RE, RM, S/Edition) F.O.A.D. Records F.O.A.D. 100 Italy 2017


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